*glee* sebelum adanya yusuf, saya taklah gemar sangat dengan online shopping. i am a fussy buyer when it comes to clothes. suka touch the fabric, check jarang ke tidak, see the colours, how i feel when i wear the baju etc before buying it. sebab tu online shopping is not for me. i am a … Continue reading


selamat tahun baru! 🙂   i dah lama buang new year resolution keluar tingkap. tak ada gunanya. perubahan boleh dimulakan pada bila-bila masa. speaking of which, perubahan jadual harian bila mula bekerja kelak mesti dimulakan bulan ni *buat muka sedih*sniffles*nak nangis, can?* we have to get yusuf learn and know the familiar faces/places that he’ll … Continue reading

flight tics

Cant believe that we dah betul-betul beli flight tics for our last minute choosen destination. after much yes-no-yes-no, we decided might as well redah je the furthest possible (but within an hour or two time difference so that we dont have to deal with jet-lagged baby) and, yang lebih penting, i tak akan menyesal pergi … Continue reading


i’m itching for a holiday. semua tempat nak pergi.  perth seems baby friendly but the recent staycation had us in the hotel room most of the time due to baby’s feeds, then he berak, then there were zuhur and asar which we thought might as well do before we keluar. and then the rush-rush dinner … Continue reading


Yusuf turned 6 weeks last Friday. Yusuf redefined ‘teamwork’ for hubby and i. we are now a tag team when it comes to his bottle feeds, diaper change, bath time (tell me about bath time. he doesnt like to mandi!).   kita mandikan dia at 645 am this morning cos both hubby and i had … Continue reading


hello! Yusuf is here, alhamdulillah 🙂 it has been a month since his arrival. nama dia panjang lagi. but lets just call him Yusuf in this blog 🙂   i’m not good at story telling. his birth story is nothing much, tak lah sampai petir & guruh tujuh hari tujuh malam, terpecah tujuh  lapisan lantai etc. … Continue reading

that was me and it’s a ……. !

if anyone heard a blood curdling, war cry domestic-violence like scream di tampines green that went something like “stop!!! stop it kak sitiiii! sakiiiiiiit” “ya Allah! sakiiiiit!!” “jangan!!!!!” “Adoiiiii!!” diselang-selikan dengan senyap and then ketawa, korang jangan panic. that was me.  had my prenatal massage semalam.  peh sakit when the masseuse massaged to check for … Continue reading


and i cant wait for my prenatal massage in a few days *finally!!!!!!!* my satu badan dan mintak ampun nak kena urut. angin satu badan is not funny at all.   semasa buat grocery the other day, sempat singgah hockhua yang sebelah ntuc tampines mall. encik suami kata beli je, jadi tak payah nak do … Continue reading

35 weeks

  presently the house is a mess. stuff all over the living room.   finally doing something about the baby room. cleared up the stuff in our spare wardrobe dalam soon-to-be baby room. the new owner collected the wardrobe last weekend. what i need to do now is to keep all the winter wear and … Continue reading


can anyone recommend a photographer for a maternity photography? please 🙂   tak sabar for work to habis cos i have a hair spa appointment pula hari ni 🙂   and i thought we still have a week odd to 32 weeks. masa jumpa gynae semalam, rupa-rupanya kita dah pun 32 weeks lah. dah 8 bulan. … Continue reading

lepas raya

hello! dah dusty blog kita ni. been busy with things and stuff. by the time nak blog, terus blank. either that or i dah penat and all i wanna do is zzzz. actually sekarang pun sama, asyik lapar, ngantuk dan/atau penat. paling tak best kalau all three together serentak. dilemma tau, nak makan or nak … Continue reading


i do have things to blog about. gist: 1. must take care of what i eat. failed the glucose test. 2. confinement food catering dah pun selesai. 3 weeks of good, healthy, delicious food.  3. so today i tried to cook again cos no more catered food.  4. and i bled again after cooking. 5. … Continue reading

23 weeks

let’s do a proper entry specially about you, baby.   23 weeks.   You: Your kicks and punches are getting stronger. i know that it’ll be even stronger and harder as we go along. That one time when you kicked my bladder. ouch! Your sleeping pattern: you’ll be awake an hour before maghrib and remain … Continue reading

changes and taking things slow

can you believe it? dah 23 weeks. alhamdulillah.   something happened and i’ll be changing doctors at my 7th month, insya allah. right now, it is the transition period where we’ll be seeing two gynaes for our 6th and 7th month check ups. i’m going back to my previous gynae prior to IVF. there is … Continue reading